Sunday, April 12, 2009


Hi friends,
I am Chirag Patel, Software Engineer, who has gained from the internet community more than the traditional teaching styles like books and college.

Dot Net was not my field of interest, but i want to know it from the scratch. So i have decided to learn from the books, but that trail was failed. Then i have searched on the internet about any STEP by STEP guide which can teach me easily and in interesting way. Which has helped me great.

So, I have decided to spread all these knowledge, which i have gained from the you guys, to all you guys who wants to know step by step.

I think this is the TRUE definition of the INTERNET, "Give back to others what you have gained from Others".

So, lets start our journey into sharing knowledge to each other.

Here you will find some interesting topics of Microsoft .Net and some Step By Step guide to learn some new technologies.

Happy sharing :)

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